Working for Edible Blooms, we've become accustomed to the strange looks on people's faces when they ask us what we do.

‰ÛÏHow can you possibly make an edible balloon?‰Û� is one of the most common responses we get (perhaps we need to work on our pronunciation). But even those that hear us correctly are somewhat bewildered at the concept of chocolate bouquets. So please, let us explain...

The idea behind our products is that they are just like flowers - only you can eat them! Our chocolate bouquets are made by hand at our store locations, where our creative ‰Û÷Bloomettes' take each individual chocolate, attach it to a stem (i.e. a food-grade skewer), wrap it in petals (i.e. beautiful coloured paper) and place it into an arrangement. Our chocolate bouquets contain anywhere up to 100 of these chocolate flowers, beautifully set in specially made boxes and keepsake containers.

Every chocolate bouquet available for purchase on our website is made according to a specific recipe of chocolates and ‰Û÷petal' colours, so you can see exactly how it will arrive at the destination. In fact, many of our customers tell us they look even more beautiful in the flesh than on the web!

People send our chocolate bouquets as birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, Mother's DayFather's Day and of course, Valentine's Day gifts. All the occasions you would usually send a bunch of flowers, but want something a little bit different - and a lot more special!

Because of the practical nature of our gifts, the fact that they can be shared among groups and offer tasty treats in addition to looking beautiful, our chocolate bouquets are also sent for occasions where flowers wouldn't usually be suitable - such as corporate gifts for teams, Christmas gifts and when you need to send something to those hard-to-buy-for men.

So have we satisfied your curiosity, or are you still a little bewildered? If so, we prescribe a browse of our Chocolate Bouquets Category and an order of our tasty treats for a little trial of your own...