Real men love chocolate...

Women daydream about eating chocolate. Men just do it. Little wonder they're always so blown away by our Edible Blooms.

Dads and dear old uncles. Boyfriends and brothers. Best buddies, wonderful workmates and really nice neighbours. We've got gorgeous gifts to wow all the marvellous men in your life.

Here are our top five favourites for fellas:

  • The Superstar Bloom: for the man in your life who adores you, drops everything to help out, or is achieving heaps in his own life. Six big, fun freckle stars that say it loud and proud: you're a star!
  • Beer Indulgence: utterly luxurious but undisputedly manly, this little gem is packed with a Sol longneck and a mix of gourmet chocs.
  • Dream date hamper: if you need to send smooches from afar, this is just the ticket. From beer and gourmet nuts to nougat and a dreamy chocolate bar, this baby is expertly designed to keep him content for days - and keep you on his radar forever!
  • Hazelnut Heaven: Men love hazelnut chocolate! Don't ask us why - it's just the way it is. And with no less than 50 Ferrero Rocher, Lindt and Belgian hazelnut chocolates - this gorgeous bloom will seriously win over the serious chocolate lover.
  • Scotch on the Rocks: The world's finest Lindt and Baci chocolates paired with premium scotch whiskey - just the thing to keep those home fires burning on cold winter nights.

You'll find loads more inspiration in our gorgeous Gifts for Men section.

Man, you'll make his day!