Our Chocolatier
It took us 5 months of travelling all over Switzerland to find Schoenenberger (www.schoenenberger-choco.ch) in Luzern who are the perfect Chocolatier to provide us with not only mouth watering premium milk and dark Swiss chocolate but also in the form that our bouquets require.  Each of our bouquets combines a mixture of colour foil wrapped hearts and stars and Schoenenberger are one of few chocolatiers in Switzerland that were able to produce the exact size and weight of chocolate that we require.

As a chocolate refiner, Schoenenberger are committed to using only first-class ingredients that are continuously monitored by Quality Assurance. They only process high quality chocolate couvertures from Swiss producers, with Felchlin (www.felchlin.com) as one of the oldest (since 1920) and best known producers in Switzerland providing our milk and dark chocolate. 

All of our chocolate is UTZ qualified meaning that it adheres to a global program on sustainable cocoa farming.