What is Edible Blooms you ask?

Take a look and you'll see the age old traditional gifting icons - flowers and chocolate - rolled into one perfect and delicious delivery.

When we decided to take the leap of faith and start our own family run business, based in Geneva, we wanted to do something different, something special.  We want to inspire people to gift differently. It's not just about gifting a premium chocolate product that looks exactly like a normal bouquet of flowers, it's also about the WOW factor.  That feeling you get when you receive that extra ordinary gift and the same feeling you get when you smile inside knowing you've just picked the perfect gift for that special someone. 

We are thrilled to bring Edible Blooms to Switzerland as we love everything about this country and we see it as the home and heart of chocolate!  

We spent 5 months travelling around Switzerland to find the perfect premium Swiss chocolate for our bouquets and we are now ready to share our chocolate and passion for gifting differently with you!

We look forward to welcoming you on our journey!

Yurana and Mark